The Four Creeks Festival will celebrate the small things that make a big difference. Our small but significant creeks, the Wangamong, Colombo, Yanco and of course the alleged longest creek in the world* The Billabong offer us FOUR great themes to celebrate under ONE element that not many of us here in the Riverina could survive without. That symbiotic element is water.

The water from our Creeks provides FOUR great assets: Agriculture, Landscape, Lifestyles, & Heritage. The past, the present and the future of these FOUR assets in connection to our Four Creeks will be acknowledged in turn, in the hope to preserve, protect, empower and prolong our collective futures.

Come and see The Billabong Creek for yourself!

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*”Billabong Creek is held to be is the longest creek in the world” wikipedia (“Billabong Creek Salt Interception Scheme”. NSW Department of Primary Industries: Office of Water. 2009. Retrieved 16 June 2013.)